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My name is Stevie-Jean Placek, and currently a LA based actress. I was brought up in a household where the only thing more important than family is "what's for dinner." Growing up, I moved all around California because of my father's work as a superintendent of repairing and maintaining railroad tracks. Amongst all the moving movie nights always stayed consistent and began my fascination for storytelling. This fascination motivated me to join community theatre and start singing lessons. Through this I discovered that indescribable feeling you get when connecting with an audience. That feeling is how I fell in love with acting, and I can't imagine doing anything else.


My goal as an artist is to transport an audience to a different life or world, momentary escape to laugh or cry, create compassion, ask questions, etc.

Through my passion for people and my creativity, I will accomplish this in the industry.

Height: 5'3.5

Hair Color: Honey Brown

Eyes Color: Blue


Location: Los Angeles, CA

About Me

Training & Workshops

The American Academy of Dramatic Arts | A.O.S 2017-2019

The Montes Method | Anthony Montes | 2019-

Coaching | John Homa | 2021-

Lady Lazarus | Feature Film | 2023


27 | Short Film | 2022


The Red Orchid | Short Film | 2021


Witchblossom | Feature Film | 2020


Memory Palace | Short Film | 2020

Supporting Actress

Special Skills

Dialects: General American, American Southern, Valley girl, Irish (Dublin), and British(southern London).


Other Skills: Singing (Alto/mezzo-alto),Horseback Riding, Swimming, Roller Skating, and Ice Skating 


White Fire Theatre | King Solomon's Treasure| 2022

Lead Actress

Open Fist Theatre Company | The Soldier Dreams| 2021

Supporting Actress

American Academy of Dramatic Arts | Really Really | 2019

Supporting Actress

American Academy of Dramatic Arts | North of Providence | 2018

Lead Actress

Kristian Flores | The Sartre Lectures | 2022

Supporting Actress

Heart on Fire Production | Spiral | 2019

Lead Actress

Heart on Fire Production | To Be Alone | 2019

Lead Actress 

Heart on Fire Production | Lover Come Back | 2019

Lead Actress


Coming Soon


HEB Commercial | Jason Farrand- Bunker Productions| 2023

Principal Role

Music Videos

Oak Hollow Studios | Bounce Back | 2021

Lead Actress 

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